Upcoming Events



Janaury 6th The Liquor Rooms Dublin
Janaury 26th Ukyio Dublin
February 4th Roundy House Cork
February 5th DJ workshop Quarter Block Party, Plugd Records, Triskel Arts Center, Cork
February 23rd Ukyio Dublin
February 24th Note on Rave in Dublin Launch Party Tengu Dublin
February 26th Notes on Rave in Dublin Screening and Q&A
February 26th Bowlane Dublin
March 8th DDR Dublin Digital Radio 24 Hours of Womens Voices
March 10th Anseo Dublin
March 18th The Liquor Rooms Dublin
March 24th Ukyio Dublin
March 25th Social & Co Limerick
April 1st DDR -Gash Collective DJ Workshop
April 5th panel discussion “staying in the game” DIT Dublin
April 20th Ukyio
April 21st The Liquor Rooms Dublin
May 13th King Size Queen, Nowhere Bar 14th street with DJ’s Impala Discobar & Donna Meade with special guest Aoife Nic Canna.
May 14th Bizarre Bushwick, 12 Jefferson St, Brooklyn, New York.
May 26th Ukyio Dublin.
June 17th The Liquor Rooms Dublin
June 18th GASH DJ work shop Galway
June 18th Ukyio Dublin
June 23rd – 25th Body & Soul Festival Details
July 15th GASH DJ work shop Belfast
July 16th Carrick Bar Belfast
July 21st The Liquor Rooms Dublin
July 22nd GASH DJ work shop Cork
July 22nd Cask Cork
July 30th Ukyio Dublin
August 11th The liquor Rooms Dublin
August 12th GASH DJ workshop Dublin
August 12th GASH / ‘move the needle’ wrap party Tengu Dublin
August 13th GASH DJ work shop Dublin
August 18th Charlotte Quay Dublin
August 20th Big Grill Festival Dublin
August 31st Charlotte Quay Dublin
September 2nd Ukyio Dublin
September 15th Charlotte Quay Dublin
September 16th The LIquor Rooms Dublin
28th September Charlotte Quay Dublin 
October 7th Make A Move GASH DJ work shop
October 7th Mickie Martins Limerick
October 8th  Tuscany talk I.NY festival Limerick
October 20th Hang Dai Dublin
October 21st The Liquor Rooms Dublin 
November 10th The Liquor Rooms Dublin
November 30th Ukyio
December 1st Notes on Rave in Dublin screening and afterparty (panel discussion)
December 8th The Liquor Rooms Dublin
December 9th Hang Dai with Dj Eddie K Dublin
December 15th Near FM party Dublin
December 26th Mickey Martins limerick
December 29th Anseo Dublin
December 30th Ukyio Dublin
December 31st RnB Club with Louis Scully and Handsome Paddy Yamamori Tengu